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Flags with print

zastave stampa

Zastave stampa

The flags have always been used to make a visible and striking mark of one's presence in a certain place. In modern times we are quite saturated with electronic and other content that is all around us. Hence, flags remain and survive as a form of branding that carries a dose of seriousness with it, while retaining consternation.

Flags are an attractive and affordable way to draw attention to an event you are organizing, your premises or to simply make your brand more visible. They may be intended for indoor or outdoor use. As far as the dimension is concerned, the choice is yours, but it's not a bad thing to stick to the usual proportions.

The material we make the flags is such that it allows air or wind without reducing the visibility of the graphics. Quality material, good craftsmanship and high-end printing are a sufficient guarantee that your flag will stay up for a long time.

Mogal u svojoj ponudi ima zastave svih oblika i formata još od devedesetih godina.  Godine iskustva su nam omogućile da možemo da Vam preporučimo neke uobičajene dimenzije, ali izbor je na Vama. Naši kapaciteti sasvim sigurno mogu da odgovore na sve Vaše potrebe.

If you do not have a ready-made design solution, our design team is at your disposal.

Contact us to work together on a proposal for the intended purpose.

Zastave stampa

zastave stampa

Some of the flags we can offer are:

  • National and state flags * Zastave stampa
  • Ceremonial flags
  • Company flags
  • Car flags Zastave stampa
  • Table flags

According to the client's wishes, we can provide flag stands as well as spears. There are more variants that are possible and the right one is dictated by purpose.

Since the possibilities of using flags are really wide, please contact us to find the best solution for a specific purpose together. Zastave stampa


*Upotreba državnih zastava regulisana je zakonom na tačno određene svrhe i prilike. Pogrešna upotreba državne zastave povlači prekršajnu odgovornost. Više o tome možete saznati here. Korišćenje nacionalne odnosno narodne zastave je slobodno. Zastave stampa