In today's business environment, brand visibility is gaining in importance more than ever.
Mogal has been involved in advertising and branding since its inception. With quality and reasonable prices, we also offer you our experience.
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Mogal - more than two decades with your brand

Mogal has been involved in brand promotion and advertising since its beginnings, that is, for more than two decades. From the very beginning, we tried to push the boundaries of the technical-technological maximum, and it is the same today. Equipped with large production capacities and state-of-the-art technology. We are sure that we can respond to all your needs in record time, with exceptional quality in a short time.

Branding and advertising brendiranje beograd

Branding space, interior and exterior, gives you virtually limitless possibilities. One can almost say that the only constraints are creativity and budget. With that in mind, here are just some of the most commonly used examples. In our offer you can find different options for marking and highlighting interiors and exteriors, we have models of both buying and renting where appropriate. From printing and making flags, bags and similar accessories, through light and standard advertising to totems, alubond advertising and vehicle branding. Mogal is here to make your brand more visible and more competitive in your field.

As stated before, there are many possibilities. Large format digital printing, which you can learn more about here, has made it possible to choose the right material and with good finishing we open up a number of possibilities. In addition to the digital printing service, we also offer a complete program of finishing graphics such as cutting, fusing tarpaulin materials, glazing, laminating PVC foil to plate materials such as forex or foam.

The combination of large format digital printing and promo equipment has allowed us to offer a wide range of products. Roll up and X banners, promo counters, trade show booths and backdrop walls are just a few of the possible products. brendiranje beograd

Printed material in any of the conventional formats can also be framed by alu click frames, as the client wishes. This solution is ideal because the duplofan tape can be attached to any solid substrate.

brendiranjePromo panels with LED lighting

Posebno bismo želeli da Vam skrenemo pažnju na osvetljene reklame kao što su promo paneli sa LED osvetljenjem. Ne samo da ova vrsta panela pruža efektnu reklamu, Mogal nudi i dodatnu pogodnost: Promo panel sa led osvetljenjem možete i iznajmiti, ukoliko su Vaše potrebe kratkoročne. Ukoliko odlučite da kupite svoj panel, štampa na njemu se može brzo i povoljno menjati prema Vašim potrebama. brendiranje beograd

Promo and info desks

There are several models of this type of countertops that are branded with PVC foil. These countertops are adapted for outdoor and indoor use. Only prints can be changed as needed, without changing the design. They are an ideal solution for mobile promotions such as promotions in markets or outdoors. Extremely easy and quick folding makes these countertops very tempting. brendiranje beograd

Roll up banners

An indispensable solution that can enhance both interior and exterior. It consists of an aluminum structure that fits in about twenty seconds, and the print itself can be changed. When packed, it fits into the trunk of even the smallest cars, while unfolded gives an effective visual in a space in which it is housed. The height of the Roll up banner is two meters, while the width is 80, 100, 120 or 150 cm. brendiranje beograd

Why Mogal of all people?

Naši koreni su u oblasti isticanja brenda i reklame. Veliki proizvodni kapaciteti, tim dizajnera i kvalitet koji se kod nas podrazumeva garantuju da ćete u našoj ponudi pronaći rešenje prema svojim potrebama. brendiranje beograd

For larger quantities and/or advance payment terms may be even more favorable

For a specific price agreement, you can contact us and schedule an appointment where you can get the sample you want. brendiranje beograd

If you have any questions we are at your disposal. brendiranje beograd


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