With a maximum roll width of 3.2 meters, we can conveniently and qualitatively respond to all your requests.
A large number of printing materials such as canvas, MASH, PVC film, One Way vision perforated film and other materials for this type of printing give great flexibility.
All our machines have extremely accurate print heads, which in addition to the premium manufacturer's color guarantees quality.

Mogal – a partner with experience

Mogal has been involved in large format digital printing for more than ten years. At the time we introduced it, our clients were a little skeptical of this "innovation". However, they were quickly realizing the potential of digital printing, and we were increasingly mastering the technological process to bring quality to a higher level. Today we have a completely fixed story in terms of the choice of colors and materials as well as the machines themselves. We are absolutely sure that you can get the technological maximum with us at very reasonable prices. digitalna štampa velikog formata

Why digital printing?

Digital printing is the youngest printing technique. The very technology of this type of printing allows us to be independent of circulation, and the production deadlines are very short. Large format digital printing refers to print from a roll. This means that the width of the roll dictates practically the only limitation in terms of format. Our machines have the ability to print high quality up to a width of 3.2 meters. A large selection of materials gives us the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently to all, even the most demanding, needs of our clients. Increased width machines also provide an additional opportunity to reduce printing time to a minimum, making us more competitive in terms of deadlines. Our capacity is measured in thousands of squares a day. digitalna štampa velikog formata

Which materials are available?

The materials available range from the usual ones such as PVC film, tarpaulin, MASH canvas, One Way Vision hole foil, City light poster material, PP banner, flag canvas, and many other materials.

PVC film

This adhesive film is the most commonly used material in large format digital printing. It is possible to choose two types of adhesive so that the printed film can be enlightened or not, depending on the need. It has a very wide application in interior and exterior branding digitalna štampa velikog formata


This material is intended for external branding. The weaving of the material itself is such that it makes the material very durable and resistant. Practically, only mechanical damage is possible, and even with great effort (it can be burned with a cigarette, cut with a knife…). It can be used to highlight various hanging advertisements, but also as a fence in larger open spaces such as car lots.

MASH canvas

Ovo platno je svojim karakteristikama veoma slično ceradnom. Praktično, razlika je u tome što je rupičasto. To znači da propušta svetlost i vazduh pa se primena preporučuje gde god je potrebno osvetliti ili luftirati prostor ili je u pitanju područje sa jakim vetrovima. digitalna štampa velikog formata

One way vision

Ovo je perforirana samolepljiva folija propušta svetlost u jednom pravcu (spolja ka unutra). Zato se slika štampane površine jasno vidi spolja, dok se iznutra bez problema može gledati spoljašnjost. Ova folija se koristi za brendiranje izloga, ali i automobilskih stakala.

City light

This material is transparent, matt satin special paper. It is great for applications on light and other solvent-printed advertisements. In addition to getting applications in full color, this material protects them from moisture, damage and fading.

PP banner

As its name implies, this material is great for Roll up and other banners. It is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Because the surface of the material is resistant to reflections and scratches, no additional lamination is required. The material is completely stable without bending at the edges. digitalna štampa velikog formata

Flag canvas

This material, as its name implies, is intended for flags. It is very durable and stable in outdoor conditions, especially considering the thickness and elasticity. The print on this material is visible on both sides. digitalna štampa velikog formata


This material was made with the idea of being an approximation of a painting canvas. It is suitable for high resolution printing. Even reproductions of works of art can be printed on it fairly faithfully. This material is waterproof according to REACH regulations. digitalna štampa velikog formata

These are some of the most commonly used materials. If you have a specific project, contact us to consider the options in a collaborative atmosphere and choose the right solution.

Štampa velikih formataWhy Mogal of all people?

Experience and quality are on our side, as stated before. In addition, our capacities of thousands of square meters per day allow for exceptionally favorable production times.

For larger quantities and/or advance payment terms may be even more favorable

For a specific price agreement, you can contact us and schedule an appointment where you can get the sample you want. digitalna štampa velikog formata

Printing ink is resistant to all weather conditions, UV, rain, snow…

If you have any questions we are at your disposal.

digitalna štampa velikog formata


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