With a maximum roll width of 3.2 meters, we can conveniently and qualitatively respond to all your requests.
A large number of printing materials such as canvas, MASH, PVC film, One Way vision perforated film and other materials for this type of printing give great flexibility.
All our machines have extremely accurate print heads, which in addition to the premium manufacturer's color guarantees quality.

Large format digital printing refers to print from a roll. This practically means that the width of the roll dictates practically the only limitation in terms of format. Our machines feature high-quality printing up to a width of 3.2 meters. A large selection of materials gives us the flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently to all, even the most demanding, needs of our clients. Extended-width machines should also provide an additional opportunity to reduce printing time to a minimum, making us more competitive in terms of deadlines.

The materials available range from the usual ones such as PVC foil, tarpaulin, MASH canvas, One Way Vision hole foil, City light poster material, PP banner, flag canvas, and many other materials.

For larger quantities and/or advance payment terms may be even more favorable

For a specific price agreement, you can contact us and schedule an appointment where you can get the sample you want.

Printing ink is resistant to all weather conditions, UV, rain, snow…

If you have any questions we are at your disposal.


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